Gift Card

The Perfect gift…a day in the country!

The recipient of your gift card can:

  1. Enjoy a delicious meal at Wine Country Gardens at one of our beautiful and scenic outdoor dining areas or a cozy and comfortable indoor dining area.
  1. Select a bottle or wine of our fine domestic and imported wines.

  1. Purchase an item in our Café gift shop.
Gift Card Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.
Redeemable only at Wine Country Gardens.
No expiratin date, no fees.
Not redeemable for cash.
Lost, stolen or damaged cards replaced only with valid proof of purchase to extent of remaining card balance.
Not a credit or debit card.
Click here to check card balance, requires card number, or you can see a cashier at Wine Country Gardens.
Cashier must scan barcode to activate. Cards are not valid until activated at Wine Country Gardens.
Purchases are deducted from gift card until balance reaches zero.
Gift cards purchased online will be mailed to the recipient within two (2) business days.
All items enforced except where prohibited by law.

If your gift cardss(s) balance doesn’t cover the total cost of your order, you can pay the remaining balance with cash or credit card. If the total cost of the order is less than the balance on your gift card(s), any unused balance will remain on the last gift card used.

Keep your gift card (even if the balance is zero) until you are satisfied with the transaction. If you return or cancel items that your paid for using the gift card, the amount charged to the card will go back on the card. If you no longer have the card, call us to request a new one.

Gift card purchased returns or cancellations cannot be credited to a credit card or cash.