The Owners

49-DSC_0095In 1995, owners Bill and Christina Schaul decided to retire early from the corporate business world and start a totally different kind of nursery. As luck would have it, the current 42 acre tract was available, but it was a classic over grown fixer-upper farm that hadn’t been worked in 15 years with a 100 year old house. After 2 years of clearing, cleaning, and building, the nursery opened in the spring of 1997 with one employee, a 10,000 plant inventory of primarily, daylilies and hosta and 500 visitors. In 2009 nearly 80,000 people visited to shop the potted perennials, 3 acres of daylilies, 3 shade houses, 2 ponds with waterfalls, and gift shop. They enjoyed lunch with a glass of wine on one of the 4 patios overlooking the Missouri River Valley. Beginning in 2008, Chris and Bill expanded the pavilion and patios, added a bandstand/gazebo and started to downsize the nursery.  Over the next 5 years they expanded the event center and continued to downsize the nursery. In 2015 they performed 55 weddings and receptions, over 150 parties, reunions, showers, etc and many charity fund raisers.

The success of the company is built on loyal customers and dedicated employees who appreciate the value and quality of the products and enjoy the beautiful country atmosphere.